Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daily Dose: Thursday, April 30

Hope before her tracheotomy

Hope had her tracheotomy today around 5pm. The procedure went well and she is now on the ventilator, recovering. Hopefully things will go well tonight and she can begin to be weaned off the ventilator. The doctors have her on plenty of medicines for the pain.

It was a rough day, emotionally, for everyone, including Hope. She was crying today but there was no sounds because of the trach. This is something new to get used to.


  1. I love you guys!

    Jesse Mae

  2. I'm glad the surgery went well. We're all praying for you guys...hang in there!!

  3. To think of her crying is heartbreaking.
    I know that caused heartbreak for everyone.
    But, so glad to hear that she's one more step closer to coming home!

  4. So good to hear that the surgery went well and that Hope is recovering. Praying hard that this will be her last surgery for a while. Hang in there Mom & Dad, Grandmas & Grandpas and Aunt Em ... she is getting ever closer to coming home.
    Sending love and prayers your way,
    The Weidens