Thursday, November 10, 2011

Big days ahead

Well there are a couple of big days coming up. The first is Hope's birthday - she will be 3 this year! It's so hard to believe! The past three years have been quite an adventure!

The other big day coming up for Hope is December 12th & 13th. On December 12th Hope will be going to U of M to have a bronchoscopy done. Assuming this goes well they will admit her and then cap her trach over night. If she does well with her trach capped overnight then...... HER TRACH WILL COME OUT THE NEXT MORNING!! :)

The doctors will observe her one more night and if she does well Hope will get to come home trach-free!!!!

Hope has been on a bit of an adventure lately. Her bedroom is getting a bit bigger and we are adding a nice large bathroom with a large shower that can accomodate a wheelchair. In order for all of this to happen Hope, Mommy and Daddy are staying with Grandpa and Grandma Robinson while the messy part of the construction goes on. Last week we packed up Hope's bed and toys and headed down the road.

Even though she had to bundle up, Hope still thought it was so much fun because she got to be pulled in her wagon....
Behind the trailer, which was being pulled by the lawnmower!!!
Believe it or not, Hope was not a ladybug for Halloween!! Ok, it was really Mommy and Daddy's fault for not getting into Halloween this year. As a last minute effort Hope dressed up in her suit that had ears on the hood. Mommy drew some whiskers on her face and gave her a little red nose. Everyone decided that mommy should definitely not become a makeup artist!