Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hope's New Glasses

TA - DA!!!!!

Hope has her new glasses! We were supposed to pick them up last Friday but Hope hasn't felt well for the past several days. She has been cutting 5 or 6 teeth all at the same time and she was pretty miserable with it. So on Monday Hope, Mommy and Grandpa Holtz went and picked up Hope's glasses. Grandpa Holtz bought Hope some bling (a pink boa and a sparkly bracelet) to go with her new specs :)

Hope doesn't seem to mind her new glasses at all. It's hard to tell how well they are helping her but she definitely seems to be looking around more and trying to "look" at things. She doesn't try to pull them off like she does her cochlear implant - she must know how sophisticated she looks :)

Grandpa Holtz had to fly back home to North Carolina today and Hope misses him a lot but is really excited that both Grandpa and Grandma Holtz are coming to visit her next week.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Standing and Seeing

On Monday Hope's physical therapist brought out a device to help Hope stand up. We put shoes on her feet to help support her feet the first time she tried it and between the standing up and the shoes she wasn't too sure about the whole thing. She's tried it a couple of times more (without shoes) and seems to be getting more and more accustomed to the idea. This is a great way for Hope to strengthen her legs, ankles and feet. She seems SO tall when she is standing up in it!!

An artist cannot be told what to paint!!

This isn't a gruesome as it looks. Hope was finger painting a pumpkin cutout with her therapist this week..... Well that was the intent anyway. Hope thought it would be a better idea to paint herself and she covered her chest, belly and face in orange finger paint. A little bit did make it on to the paper... one of Hope's new masterpieces :)
Hope went to see her eye doctor on Tuesday and he wrote a prescription for Hope's first pair of glasses. She went on Thursday to try some on and pick out the perfect pair. Keep an eye out in a week or so for a peek at her fashionable new specs!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Halloween

So I'm sure everyone is wondering what Hope dressed up as for Halloween.  Well....... A Ladybug of course! :)  Actually she had her pick from several costumes - a bee, a flower, santa claus, a witch....but the ladybug costume fit just right!  :)  She didn't go out trick-or-treating but is looking forward to doing that someday when she is off of the ventilator.