Monday, January 25, 2010

Daily Dose: Monday, January 25

Hope: up close and personal

Sleeping Hope

Hope in the mirror

Hope hasn't had too many doctors visits so far this year, but she has a big one coming up tomorrow. Tomorrow Hope (along with Mommy & Daddy and Grandma & Grandpa Robinson) will all load into the car and, bringing along ALLLLLL of Hope's equipment, will have a day trip. They will be traveling down to Ann Arbor to meet with with Hope's doctors there regarding cochlear implants. It should be quite the elaborate procedure throughout the day with all of Hope's equipment. When Hope is at home she breathes humidified air, but when she is in the car, she doesn't get that humidified air and tends to dry out a lot, which can cause her trach to need more changing or get clogged up, and we don't want that!! Since it will be a pretty long drive, along with the appointment, AND the drive back, Hope gets to take all of her home equipment, but that also means that Hope needed a bigger vehicle to make room for all of her equipment and her "escorts". So tomorrow morning everyone will load into a large SUV that the family rented just for Hope's trip.

In other news, Hope is getting back into the swing of things. Over the holidays she had a break from her physical and occupational therapists. Therapy has started back up again, and even though Hope wasn't overly thrilled at the beginning, she is starting to get back into the swing of things. She is getting so much better at holding her head up which is great!!

Hope is asking for lots of extra prayers tomorrow while the family is on the roads.