Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter & Doctor Updates

Hope in her Sunday Dress

All Smiles

Surveying the Easter Bounty

Cuddling with Great-Grandma Anderson

Hope has had a wonderful couple of weeks. Now that we are coming out of RSV season (cold and flu season to the rest of us) Hope is able to get "out and about" more. She celebrated her "freedom" by making a trip to church on Easter Sunday. Everyone was so happy to see her and she was so happy to get all of the attention :)
After church Hope headed up to Great-Grandma Anderson and Great Aunt Dawn's house to see what the easter bunny had left for her there. After surveying all the colorful eggs E.B. brought she headed home for a nice long nap.
Hope had so much fun at church on Easter that she wanted to go back again this past Sunday, so she put on her pretty white dress and her most sparkly shoes and headed back to church. The easter bunny didn't come to visit her again this week, but she was okay with that because she got some good cuddle time in with Great Grandma Anderson instead. Both Hope and Great Grandma were so comfy that they dozed off and tried to skip lunch.
In doctor news.... Hope's latest trip to the pulmonologist was VERY successful. They lowered the amount of some of the medications she is getting and they have begun to lower her ventilator settings. This is the first of many, many small steps to getting Hope off of the ventilator and eventually without the trach. So far Hope has tolerated the changes VERY well. She has to go in for lab work this afternoon to make sure that everything looks good. Hope doesn't like having blood work drawn :( Hopefully the technician will be very nice and gentle.