Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Big Days and Delays

Well Hope had a big day last week - she had a birthday and turned 3! She celebrated with a bunch of helium balloons.

Also Party hats and noisemakers. Everyone shared a meal of Hope's favorites which included squash, green beans and applesauce.

She got lots of gifts and cards. It was a great day!

As you know Hope was supposed to go to Ann Arbor on Monday to have her airway evaluated and hopefully get her trach out. Well Hope, mommy and Grandma Robinson were all packed and ready to go when the phone rang. It turns out that the doctor that was going to do the procedure had gotten injured and was unable to do the procedure. We have now been rescheduled for January 12th. This was a but disappointing but the silver lining is that Hope gets to continue to see her nurses each night for a while longer. This will also give Hope a couple more weeks to get even stronger and hopefully there is that much more chance of things going successfully.

Hope is still staying (with Mommy and Daddy) at Grandpa and Grandma Robinson's house while her house is being added on to. Hopefully the construction will be all done in January.

Hope is planning a big trip in a little over a week. Hope is headed to North Carolina to see Grandma and Grandpa Holtz, Uncle Corey, Aunt Kim, Uncle Jeramy and her cousins Cody, Allie and Lily. Hopefully the roads are good for the long trip!