Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daily Dose: Tuesday, April 21

Hope had a busy day today!!! She had a chest CT scan this morning. It determined that she has moderate chronic lung disease. This is not brand new information to us or the doctors. We are waiting to hear back from the pulmonologist as to what they think of this, but a good guess is that they will order a broncioscope next.

Hope also had her eye exam. It showed that the blood vessels have grown out to zone 3. She still has some minor ROP so they are going to check her eyes again in two weeks. Since she is in zone 3 the doctors aren't terribly concerned.

Hope DID NOT end up having her head MRI. She had one of her episodes shortly before she was scheduled to have the test (she's smarter than the average baby) and the doctors and nurses didn't want her to have an episode while they were running the test so the MRI has been postponed, indefinitely. After talking to Hope's doctors the MRI might not even be done. The results won't change how Hope is cared for and there isn't any really big benefit to having the MRI. We all want to give Hope every chance we can and don't want to limit her by predicting what she may or may not do. Even though she didn't have the test, we thank everyone for continuing to pray for Hope. She wouldn't be here without everyone's support.

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  1. I think it's wonderful that you won't have the MRI. A test can NEVER tell you how precious and wonderful your child is. Hope is going to blow us all away with her awesomeness!!