Saturday, April 18, 2009

Daily Dose: Saturday, April 18

Hope with her Mommy & Great-Grandpa Holtz!!

Hope & Great Aunt Patti

Hope's first game of patty-cake (played with Aunt Terri)

Hope had a fairly good day. She had a LOT of visitors, which was very exciting. Hope's Great-Grandpa Holtz, Great Aunt Patti, Great Aunt Terri and second cousin Kelly all came from Ohio to see her. She was very happy and excited to see all of them, especially Great-Grandpa & Aunt Patti, because she'd never met them before.

Cousin Kelly got to hold Hope for the first time, which both Hope and Kelly enjoyed very very much.

Hope gained a little more weight today, totaling 2900 grams. She had a couple of episodes throughout the day so the doctors are keeping an eye on her.

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