Monday, April 13, 2009

Daily Dose: Monday, April 13

Hope had a good but tiring day today. She had a few episodes but she still was able to do a full force breastfeed. Hope had enough of this "non-nutritive" stuff and she was ready to show everyone that she could do it on her own!! She did very well with it. Hope was also weaned back to .5 litres of flow and is up to full feeds. The doctor was very very impressed!!

Hope also got a little taste of luxury today. Mommy & Daddy took their first infant massage class today and were able to give Hope her first massage! Apparently being a baby is so stressful and requires massages... what a life!!

Mommy won't be able to feed Hope again tomorrow because she is feeling a little under the weather tonight. So we all are sending get well wishes to Hope's mommy because Hope definitely wants to continue her good work with her feedings.

Hope got MORE gifts today!! Peggy, Hope's favorite RT, brought her a pair of socks to match her blanket and someone donated the beautiful hat that Hope is wearing. Hope sends a big thank you!

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  1. It warms my heart to see Hope wear a donated hat. My friend donates hats to a local NICU in memory of her son, one life touching another from afar.