Sunday, April 5, 2009

Daily Dose: Sunday, April 5

Aunt Em picked out Hope's outfit, explanation below

Aunt Em and Hope!!!

Hope put on a stocking cap and started yawning!

Hello Bright Eyes!!

Hope had a great day today!! She started off with some good snuggling time with Aunt Em. Then Aunt Em helped Mommy give Hope a bath and put on new clothes!!

Hope weighed in today at 2440 grams, which is 100 grams up from yesterday! She was doing well today, still on the vapotherm and doing well with her feed as well. She is getting some residual but they keep feeding her, eventually she'll figure it all out!!

Now, about Hope's outfit today.... So Aunt Em was in charge of the outfit today, which obviously meant the orange hat (which just happens to be made with love by Aunt Em's friend Madeline's mom, a big thank you to Madeline's mom!!!). So once we established the hat selection it was time to pick out the rest of the outfit, the only problem was that Hope doesn't have any orange clothes!! Aunt Em was appalled at this and has vowed to rectify this situation immediately. So instead, Aunt Em picked the next cutest thing she could find. This lovely ensemble was given to Hope by one of her nurses, Angie, so a big thank you to Angie for the ADORABLE little lady bug outfit... You are probably still wondering why Hope has on those silly looking, odd-shaped socks. Aunt Em had nothing to do with the socks. Hope's feet were cold so Mommy had to put something on them and apparently the makers of baby socks make square socks. Well I have some news for the baby-sock-making-company: baby feet aren't square!! But at least Hope still looks incredibly adorable!!!!


  1. Congrats to Aunt Em who has gotten to hold Hope for a couple of days...finally!! You two look absolutely great together ... a couple of fashion trend setters!

    Am loving the talk about going home, too. Can't wait to meet this little sweetheart in person!

    Still in our prayers,
    The Weidens

  2. Yay! Congratulations, Aunt Em! I'm so happy you finally got to hold Hope! I bet it feels fantastic :)

    Can't wait to meet her when they move to Grant!
    Lots of love!