Friday, April 10, 2009

Daily Dose: Friday, April 10

Today Hope had a tiring day. She has done well with her nasal cannula so the nurse practioner weaned her back to .5 litres of flow today. This is the farthest she will be weaned other than to put her on room air, so this is exciting!

Hope has developed an abscess on her left hand where her last IV was placed. It looked like a pimple last weekend but the doctors cultured it yesterday and found it is a staph infection. Today the doctors were worried it might pass into the bones in her hand so they have started her on 7 days of antibiotics. These should solve the problems with her infection, but could complicate her feeds since they kill off the "good" bacteria in her stomach. We hope that Hope will be able to take her feeds through the antibiotics.

Today Hope had some "stool issues" so the doctors did not up her feeds in case there was difficulty with the increased volume.

Hope was pretty touchy today. She had numerous episodes where her heart rate and blood oxygen dropped to an alarming level. Today, Hope preferred to be left alone to sleep. Can't blame a girl from getting tired, life is rough!! Hopefully she'll be feeling better tomorrow for the Easter festivities!!!

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