Monday, April 6, 2009

Daily Dose: Monday, April 6

Hope had another great day. From a respiratory standpoint she is doing great. And she is taking her feeds well so that is also a big plus. They upped her volume from 5mls per 3 hours to 12 mls per 3 hours! Today she had 4 poops, not 1, not 2 but FOUR poops. Good work Hope!

This morning Hope was a bit chilly, and the nurse and doctor were concerned she might have an infection. So they took her blood, did some tests, and fortunately everything looks fine, so they assume it is environmental. They don't want Hope getting to cold, so they brought in a warmer for her. Daddy now refers to her has his "little french fry." Some have suggested that Hope was jealous of all the warm weather vacations Aunt Em goes on and decided she would get her own sun.

Today the doctor had a chat with Mommy & Daddy about the BIG PICTURE! Hope's gastrointestinal situation seems to be going well, but they are still concerned about her respiratory condition. Depending on whether Hope has any setbacks and how she progresses the doctor told Mommy & Daddy to plan on being at Riley for another month to 3 months, depending on progress.

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