Saturday, April 11, 2009

Daily Dose: Saturday, April 11

Hope had another overall good day today. As you can see, she got her daily bath and then decided to snuggle up under a blanket before getting her clothes on. Isn't she cute and "filling out"? (she is very sensitive about her weight so I'm not allowed to call her pudgy or fat)

Hope had a bit of an interesting morning. She is still learning how to multitask. She had problems remembering to breathe this morning, and it turns out she was making quite the diaper for mommy & daddy to change during all of this. We are glad that she is so "productive" but still reminding her to breathe through things.

Hope worked on her "non-nutritive" feeding today, but turns out it was quite nutritive. She ended up getting 15mls out of her "non-nutritive" feeding, so for her evening feed she only got 30 mls instead of her full amount.

Hope is really turning out to be quite the competitor in the Biggest Fatty competition. Weighing in today at 2650 grams, which is nearing the 6 pound mark!!!

Grandma & Grandpa R. returned from their brief hiatus to Michigan today. So they were very happy to see Hope and how well she is going. Aunt Em came down to celebrate the Easter holiday as well. And Aunt Em brought some presents from the Easter Bunny just for Hope! These presents will be viewable on tomorrow's blog... but I warn you... prepare yourself for complete and utter cuteness!!!!

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