Saturday, April 25, 2009

Daily Dose: Saturday, April 25

Hope had a fairly quiet day today. She is looking much better now that she's gotten her blood transfusion. She was asleep for most of the day today. Possibly her body has been working so hard to regenerate blood, keep her heart rate up, and breathe, that now she has the blood she finally let her guard down a little and took a breather... yes, pun intended.

Hope's blood cultures still have not shown any infection, which is great, and as of yesterday her white blood cell count was back in the normal range, so Hope's antibiotics were discontinued today. Hopefully the bronchioscope will be scheduled for either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning and provide some answers to Hope's episodes.

Hope got lots of snuggle time today, with Mommy & Daddy AND Grandma & Grandpa R.

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