Sunday, April 12, 2009

Daily Dose: Easter Sunday, April 12

Hope & Grandpa R's hand: look how big she's gotten!!

Hope and her own personalized blanket!

The family

Hope's Easter Dress

Hope's Easter "play" outfit

Hope's fuzzy bunny butt!

Happy Easter to everyone!!!

Hope had a good day today. She was surrounded with family as we celebrated Easter. Hope's day started out with a visit from the Easter Bunny (not a real bunny but a surrogate). The nurses in the NICU hid little eggs around the unit for the parents to find, it was very very nice of them. Then Hope got a special surprise! Hope's favorite RT, Peggy, brought Hope a personalized blanket (shown above). Peggy embroidered Hope's name and date of birth on the blanket. It was so thoughtful and Hope LOVES it!!!

The next big move for Hope today was changing into her very own Easter dress!! Aunt Em came yesterday with plenty of new outfits, including an Easter dress. Hope LOVED the new item of the Hope Collection. It had no ruffles (Hope doesn't like ruffles) and it was very classic and stylish. Classic chic even.

After a nice family picture, with Hope sitting up working on her neck muscles, she had some snuggle time with Mommy and some successful "non-nutritive" feeding. Then it was time for the wardrobe change....

Next, Hope was sporting the "Happy Easter"/fuzzy bunny butt ensemble, also a new feature from the Hope Collection. Hope liked this outfit, minus the difficulties in getting it on. She especially liked the cute little fuzzy bunny on her butt.

Hope is getting very close to 6 pounds, so we are waiting for that big milestone. She was looking incredible this weekend, even when she wasn't always behaving. She is quite the character and such a cutie!!!

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