Monday, April 20, 2009

Daily Hope, Monday April 20

Hope & Mommy hanging out

Hope had a good day today. She had one episode this morning but was able to do well the rest of the day. Today started a new rotation for the doctors. This doctor wants to start looking at a plan to get Hope home which makes mommy and daddy VERY happy. One of the the things that needs to be addressed before she can come home is the number of episodes Hope is having. The doctors asked the pulmonologist to take a look at Hope to see if they could provide any insight. They would like to have a CT scan done on Hope's chest to see how bad her chronic lung disease is. If that doesn't give them an answer they would do a broncioscope. This would involve putting a tiny camera into her airway to check to see if there are any issues.

Hope has a big day tomorrow. She is having her eyes checked again. Hopefully the blood vessels in her eyes have continued to grow normally and her eyes are healthy. The really big thing scheduled for tomorrow is Hope's head MRI. This will provide a clearer picture than the head ultrasounds did. Hope's daddy and mommy are praying very hard for encouraging news to come from this test. We won't get the results until Wednesday so it's going to be a long stressful couple of days. We ask everyone to pray hard for Hope and for encouraging news to come from this test!!

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