Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daily Dose: Wednesday, April 22

Hope had another tiring and busy day. During the doctors rounds this morning, Hope had another episode, and the good news is the doctor was able to witness it, especially since it was Hope's third episode in twenty-four hours. The doctors were impressed and among her other tests she ordered blood cultures, urine cultures, and a CBC to see if Hope has an infection. The CBC came back with elevated white cells, which is indicative of an infection, which then prompted the doctor to put Hope on antibiotics AGAIN!!! Right now this is only for a couple days, but if Hope's cultures come back positive it could be an extended process.

In addition, the pulmonologist met with Mommy & Daddy today. Hope's CT scan results from yesterday did not fully explain away her episodes, so she will have a broncoscopy to check for "flopy airway". She probably won't have this done until early next week beause we need to see if she has an infection first or not.

But even after all of this... isn't she beautiful??


  1. Yes, so very beautiful :)

    Love you guys.

    Jesse Mae

  2. Of course she's beautiful. She's another one of those "Robinson Girls". And the love of her family just shines out from her. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Cousin Marty

  3. Her mouth is wide open - rivaling her Auntie Em's.