Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daily Dose: Wednesday, April 8

Hope had an AMAZING day today!!! She has been officially weaned off the vapotherm, so she is now on just 1 liter of flow on the nasal cannula. She is doing GREAT with it!! Her feedings were also increased today from 18mls every 3 hours to 25mls every 3 hours. And she is tolerating that well so far!! Since Hope is on the nasal cannula, they decided to let her try the "non-nutritive" feedings again, but... since the doctors think Hope was a little overzealous and was being more successful than was expected, they allowed them to be "semi-nutritive".

Hope has a lot going on in her crib today. We have a new ensemble for the Hope Collection. Hope is modeling an outfit given to her by Grandma & Grandpa H, it is very comfy and cute. Hope also has some things to look at in her crib. First, she has a string over her crib where we can hang toys for her to play with. You can't see the string but you can see the tip of a ring of keys hanging there. Next, Hope has some beautiful black and white (and red and blue) pictures in her bed that her friends Pat & John Durham gave to her. Hope LOVES looking at the pretty pictures. She looks forward to using the pretty crib bumper that came with the photos but apparently there are some NICU rules preventing the bumper from being in her crib.

Hope is VERY thankful for all these gifts, especially since yesterday was her 4 month birthday!!!!

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