Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daily Dose: Saturday, April 4

Hope looking wide awake (even though it was 10pm)

Hope wasn't happy when we told her it was bedtime

Aunt Em & Hope, snuggling!!!

As you can see, Hope had a BIG day today! Or, better put, Aunt Em had a BIG day today!! That's right, Aunt Em FINALLY got to snuggle with Hope. After a very long day, at about 9pm tonight, Aunt Em and Hope made their connection. It was a love connection. Hope was trying to convince Aunt Em to join in her "getaway plan" but Aunt Em explained to Hope that an escape at this point, no matter how fun, would not be the responsible thing to do. Hope's Mommy agreed.
Hope had a good day today. Her feedings went well. She snuggled with Grandma & Grandpa R this morning and then with Aunt Em & Mommy tonight.
While Hope was snuggling with Grandma & Grandpa R, Mommy & Daddy were working very hard to pack up their house and load it into a moving truck. Hope's family wants to say a BIG thank you to neighbors Drew & Jenna (and their friends), Pat & Jennifer, and Aunt Terri for coming over and helping Mommy & Daddy get things ready to move to Grant. Hope isn't quite ready to leave the hospital, but when she is everything should be ready for her, waiting in Grant. Everything went very well today and we are all very thankful for all the helping hands that made today a much better day!!
Hope is sleeping fast as she looks forward to ANOTHER day of snuggling with Aunt Em tomorrow, oh, and Mommy & Daddy too.

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  1. Grant will be excited to have Hope and her Mommy and Daddy when she is ready to move! Glad to see Aunt Em finally got some snuggle time with her niece! Thinking of you all! Kristina Brackett