Monday, April 27, 2009

Daily Dose: Monday, April 27

Hope had her bronchoscopy this afternoon. The findings of the test were not really surprising.
Hope has a floppy upper airway. When she inhales, the area of her airway above her vocal chords collapses making it very difficult for her to breathe. The good news is the area of her airway below her vocal chords AND her vocal chords all look healthy and normal. So we expect her to begin talking ASAP! The floppiness in her upper airway is something that should improve over time and she will eventually outgrow the problem. The question is...... how long
will this take?

Hope's Mommy & Daddy will be meeting with the pulmonologist tomorrow to go over the findings and determine what to do next. There are a few different options to discuss that will help make Hope more comfortable. One option is that she will outgrow it quickly, and if that is the case she will just be supported with vapotherm or cpap or other respiratory treatments. Another option is that surgery could help. And another option is a tracheostomy.

We are all VERY proud of Hope today. She was a very brave little girl through the entire procedure. She was staring at the doctor's face the entire time he was performing the procedure. It was as though she was memorizing every inch of his face and filing it away that she was NOT happy and did NOT like the strange man sticking a camera in her nose. I advise him to watch out when she gets older because we all know she's going to be feisty.

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  1. Hey Hopealicious, you keep doing your big girl brave stuff and we'll keep praying for you!