Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday, January 17

Hope's past two days have been quite eventful. On Friday, her blood cultures came back positive for infection, meaning that she has come down with sepsis. Although she has fought through sepsis twice before (once in South Bend, once here at Riley), this one seems to not be as difficult for her. She has been able to maintain her good respiratory status and blood gas levels for the pest two days. Her platelets, however, did dip down again on Friday so she received another platelet transfusion.

Hope's doctor's are concerned that the infection may be coming from Hope's central veinous line, which she had had put in surgically a few weeks ago. If her cultures do not come back negative for infection tomorrow, the doctors will consider removing it. This would make it harder to provide Hope with all of her nutritional needs, blood products, and medicines because only peripheral IV's could be used, but would be worth it if it would end the infection and make Hope feel better.

While all of this has been going on, Hope has been busy cuddling with both mommy and daddy. Daddy was able to hold Hope for two hours on Friday, and Mommy for four hours on Saturday. Hope seems to be tolerating this very well, and Mommy and daddy look forward to do this on a regular basis now as long as she remains stable.

Although Hope's Grandpa Holtz is leaving tomorrow, her Grandma and Grampa Robinson will be coming to see her - she has missed them, and looks forward to seeing them again!


  1. It is so good to see Hope out of her bed and into your arms. I can only imagine how wonderful it feels to hold her sweet tiny body and feel her snuggle up against you. You are in our thoughts as we keep you in prayer. Will pray today especially for healing of Hope's infection so she can keep her central line and for strength and stamina for the rest of you.
    Roger & Carol W.

  2. I suspect her Aunt Emily will translate all this news as Hope only gets sick when Aunt Em isn't around!