Monday, January 26, 2009

Hope's Mommy's NICU Experience

There have been a few requests for more info about Hope's Mommy's time in the NICU. Sarah, Hope's mom, was born premature at 32 weeks. There have been a LOT of medical advances in the past 30 years and babies born that early didn't usually do well (babies as little as Hope didn't have a chance). When Sarah was born, the doctors told her mom she wouldn't make it. Sarah's lungs weren't fully developed, and like Hope she developed pneumonia. Also like Hope, Sarah had to have an IV put into her scalp (because Sarah knew she had one when she was little, it didn't scare Sarah as much when she saw Hope's) Sarah's time in the NICU was much shorter than Hope's has been, after 12 days Sarah was able to go home. Not only did she prove the doctors wrong and survive but has grown up healthy and strong!

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  1. Well, I for one, am SO glad you proved those doctors wrong! And, just like her mommy, so will Hope!!! :)