Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daily Hope: Tuesday, January 27

Hope: day 51

Hope decided to take after her Aunt Em and begin her traveling at a young age. Today was full of travels and adventures for Hope. She normally resides in Mod 2, however, due to some cleaning in Mod 2, Hope traveled over to Mod 5 to hang out with some new babies for a bit. She liked the change of scenery but was definitely happy to be back at home in Mod 2. Because she was so busy traversing the NICU she didn't get a chance to snuggle with Daddy today, so hopefully he'll get his turn tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow may be extubation day!! Today Hope's vent settings were lowered in preparation for a possible extubation and she took it in stride. But, as always, this is up to Hope, not us or the doctors, when she'll be extubated. So we'll see if tomorrow brings the extubation or if she is going to continue riding the vent for a while.

You can see from the picture that Hope is continuing to "fill out" (if that is the politically correct way to say it). Due to the adventures today Hope hadn't been weighed before Mommy & Daddy left for the night, but she looks a bit more "full" in the picture at least. We'll have an updated weight tomorrow!

An update on Great-Grandma Vivian... good news is she doesn't have a bowel obstruction!! Which means no emergent surgery or anything. She does, however, have an infection of some sort. So she stayed the night at the hospital last night and again tonight. Apparently she is overly jealous of Hope in her isolette because Great-Grandma Vivian was in isolation today as well! Apparenty Great-Aunt Dawn had to put on a gown before she was allowed to go into the room, which I can only imagine is similar to Hope's Mommy & Daddy putting on a gown before they hold her. So basically... Great-Grandma Vivian needs to quit trying to be like Hope so much and go home already! Thanks again for all the prayers for both Great-Grandma Vivian (aka Vivian Sr) and Hope Vivian (aka Vivian Jr).

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