Monday, January 19, 2009

Daily Hope: Monday January 19

Hope cuddled up on daddy's chest

Hope has had a very restful day today. She was able to cuddle with daddy for 2 hours today which was very relaxing for both of them.
Some great news for Hope is that the blood cultures from the 17th still haven't shown any infection and so the central line can stay in so far. This means that the antibiotics appear to have killed the bacteria in her system. She will probably have to stay on the antibiotics for 10-14 days to make sure the infection is completely gone.
The doctors performed an echocardiogram on Hope today to see if she has the PDA. The official results aren't back yet, the doctor said it may be tomorrow morning before they have a report back.
Hope has aso hit a big milestone: she now weighs in at 1020 grams, meaning she is a rank and file member of the Kilo Club! For those of you who didn't pick up the metric system back in the '70's, 1020 grams is 2 lbs 2 oz.
Hope received another blood transfusion today. Her blood levels had gotten a little low since they were having to draw blood from her for all of the blood cultures. Hopefully she will be able to produce more of her own blood soon and will need fewer transfusions.
Tomorrow is Hope's next follow-up head ultrasound and she is asking everyone to pray for encouraging news from the ultrasound! Mommy and Daddy will be sure to post an update to let everyone know how it goes. Please pray that her brain damage has not become worse, and that the doctors have discovered all of the damage to her brain already.
Also, tomorrow being such an important day and all, please look forward to seeing Hope's new Inauguration Day Hat!! (based on Hope's positioning in the isolette, it would appear that she leans a little to the left, and is therefore very excited.)

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