Thursday, January 15, 2009

Daily Hope: Thursday January 15

Hope has had a busy couple of days. On Wednesday she got to cuddle up on Mommy's chest. Mommy and Hope were so happy that the nurses let them cuddle for 3 1/2 hours! This is the first time that Hope has been able to cuddle in over a month.
Hope also was able to meet her Grandpa Holtz for the first time yesterday afternoon. She was very happy to finally get to see him after so many people had told her all about him.
The best news for Hope on Wednesday was that she weighed in at 920 grams - a whole TWO pounds!! This means that she has continued to gain weight as everyone has hoped!
Today (Thursday) Hope has been very busy. She started out the day with a chest x-ray which discovered that her breathing tube was too far in so the respiratory therapist had to reposition the tube for her. A little bit later, the doctors decided that Hope needed some blood (she's still to little to make her own very well) so the nurses had to put in an IV for her to be able to receive the blood. Hope's veins are so small that it took three different people before they were able to get the IV in.
Hope also had a complete blood work up done today which showed that her platelet count was quite low. The doctors weren't sure the cause of this, so they got a tummy x-ray to make sure that she wasn't having more bowel trouble. The very good news is that Hope's tummy looks great, no trouble at all. So, in addition to her blood transfusion, Hope also received a platelet transfusion. A very busy day all around.
The doctors were concerned today that Hope might be coming down with an infection, because of the way she was acting early in morning and because her platelet count was so low. Just in case, they started her on some antibiotics - if Hope does really have an infection, it is imortant to help her fight it right away because she has no resistance to infections right now. The doctors ordered a lot of test or Hope today, and they will continue to monitor the results closely over the next couple of days.


  1. That had to feel GREAT, Sarah! Despite all the tests, what a happy day!

  2. I am so happy to hear you were able to have some quality "cuddle" time with Hope, Sarah! That is such a big step. We will pray that there is no infection, but if there is that it will quickly go away.
    Oh, how beautiful she is. My Hayden thinks she is cute :) (he's 4)

  3. Sarah, Andrew, and Little Hope,
    Sarah yesterday you and I shared a commonality in our children. You held Hope and I held my son Ethin for the first time since he was born. I understand the amazing feeling of that. I feel so connected to you guys even though we are so far away from one another. I go to CLC and have for years so that is how I know of you guys. I had a son a week ago who was only 2 and a half weeks early, but he has a very special heart condition. So like you I do not go far from the hospital we are at either. And we also have good days and bad days here. Yesterday Ethin had his first open heart surgery and I got to hold him before he went in. So I was checking here to see how you were all doing and seeing the pictures of you holding Hope reminded me of my day yesterday too of holding Ethin. You will remain in my prayers and I will continue to pray for Hope as well as for the continued strength for mom and dad. God Bless You, Jessica Twigg

  4. What wonderful pictures! I bet skin to skin is SO good for her. I still cannot believe how alert she is - I've never met an ultra preemie and I just assumed they slept all the time. Little did I know!!

  5. Drew, Sarah and Hope, I'm so very happy that you had your cuddle time. I'm sure it was totally amazing. She is so beautiful. I continue to keep you all in my prayers and hope that Hope continues to get stronger every day. Hope to see you when I'm at the house this week. Take care, Cindy from the Ronald McDonald House.