Thursday, January 8, 2009

Daily Hope: Thursday, January 8

Hope's foot, plump!!

Hope: day 32

Hope & Grandma!!

Hope: "really Aunt Em? MOOORE pictures?"

Hope: day 32, cute as a ladybug

Hope: day 32, looking nice and plump!!

Hope: Day 32, the pacifier is potentially larger than her entire arm

Hope: Day 32, suck Hope suck!!

Hope: day 32; chomping on that pacifier

Daddy is a bit wore out

Daddy Doctor

Hope: day 32; holding onto mommy's hand

Hope is under there somewhere, really

This diaper change was... well.... interesting

As you can see, Hope had a very photogenic day. All the photo shoots went very well, she is quite the ham at times. Hope didn't have any big changes today, minus the incredible sucking that she showed us. Which is a big milestone and we are all so excited about!!!

Hope's nutrition will be remaining the same for at least another day, but they did add more calories, working on beefing her up!

As you can see, Hope's mommy & daddy are very active in her daily care. Taking temperatures, "burping" via tube, feeding, changing, etc. More ways to make sure Hope is feeling good and is comfortable. Obviously her favorite part of the day is storytime with Aunt Em. Today we read Ten Little Ladybugs. She thoroughly enjoyed it and was very excited that at the end of the book the ladybug made it home. Hope is very excited to go home, but she knows she has a long way to go before she can go home, so she's accepting that and working hard.

Hope gave a shoutout to Grandpa R who is snowed in at "home" in the G-rant. She said she misses you and then made some sort of a "sign language" with her hand that she said he would understand. (must be a Grandpa/Granddaughter thing)

Again, we are thankful today for the good day today. Aunt Em would rate today a solid 7, or a "sucking 7."

Sidebar.... due to popular demand.... Aunt Em is highly considering quitting law school and becoming a professional blogger, but only for Hope. Basically Aunt Em would serve as Hope's publicist and stylist, not to mention her own personal tutor. Mommy & Daddy (and also Grandma) advised that unless Aunt Em has a "rich uncle" to assist, that would probably not be the best idea in the world. Alas... continuing to freelance in "freetime" is what Aunt Em shall do.


  1. Oh I love that book! The Grouchy Ladybug is good, too, but little girls do not need any ideas. I think it is SO COOL that you guys get to be so involved in her care A&S. That's an awesome, forward-thinking hospital. She sure is a sweet baby...and Emily, do not quit your "day job". Yes, you're quite good at blogging but I know my dad isn't rich. LOL!

  2. My name is Lauren, and my sister Danielle, who roomed with Sarah in college, told me about Hope. I just wanted to let you know that I believe she is a beautiful miracle and I am praying for her and your family. I know God has her here for a reason. She is blessed to have such dedication and love everyday. I love the blog updates. Please post any requests that would make your lives easier. Take care!