Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daily Hope: Thursday, January 22

Hope's looking at you

Hope is getting bigger

Hope had another good quiet day today. Not a lot was going on. Pretty sure she was keeping it calm and saving up her energy for tomorrow when G'ma and Aunt Em arrive. There will be party time in the NICU tomorrow night!! Lots of catching up to do.

Hope has been handling her feedings well and is up to 8ml every 3 hours. So she should continue to beef up! Her breathing has been maintaining so she continues to get strong!! Mommy was able to hold Hope again today so they are continuing to bond.

Another thing that Hope did today for the first time was to move her head from one side to the other. This may seem like such a miniseries thing but it is HUGE for Hope. That means that her muscles are growing and developing and that she is getting antsy. Again, pretty sure she wants to get out of the isolette and play, but not quite yet.

There will hopefully be many more pictures tomorrow, and hopefully also more on the fashion show and the Hope Collection.


  1. Dear Hope,
    I love the picture from yesterday. I have printed it out and have it hanging in my office. This picture of you looks exactly like your mommy when she was in the NICU and look at what a beautiful woman she has grown up to be.
    Love Always,

  2. Hey, Sarah was in the NICU as a little one? We need that story Em!!