Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Daily Hope: Wednesday, January 21

Beautiful Hope

Hope had a good day today. Her weight is up to 1040 grams, which works out to be around 2 pounds 4 ounces, she is quite the porker now. Hope had a very quiet day, but that is good. She no longer has her central line (hence the white gauze on her right chest) but seems to be doing well without it.

Hope is back on her feeds, but she is pacing herself, so they are not as big as before, but if she tolerates them well then bring on the feeds!

Hope loves to cuddle and got to spend a considerable amount of time cuddling with her Daddy today.

In other news..... Aunt Em is back in action and I would like to thank Hope's Mommy for keeping everyone up to date on her growth and for making great posts!!! I was worried I would be without a job, so I guess it's a good thing I kept my day job.

Hope is fairly excited because on Friday Aunt Em and G'ma Robinson will be coming back to visit!! Aunt Em will be driving up to Grant to pick up G'ma on Thursday and then drive her down to Indianapolis on Friday so she can be with the rest of the family. Hope doesn't know it yet but Oliver, her pseudo-cousin (Aunt Em's dog), will also be making the venture to Indianapolis. Oliver was very excited until he found out he won't get to see, or lick, Hope. But he is still excited to spend so much time with G'ma in the car!! (Please pray Oliver makes it home safely after 6 hours in the car with G'ma)


  1. She just looks so alert, relaxed and chilled out!! I love it.

  2. She looks great. Thats so good to see!

  3. Hi Hope! What a gorgeous little girl you are!! It's great to see you so alert and I do believe you've got a future in pictures! You seem to take to posing very naturally. : )

    We send our love to you, and mommy & daddy, Aunt Em, and of course, Grandma & Grandpa Robinson!

    The Zs