Friday, January 23, 2009

Daily Hope: Friday, January 23

Hope: day 47

Hope yawning.... being a baby is a tough job

Hope: day 47

Hope had a good day today. She started off her morning with some good snuggling time with Daddy for a couple hours. Later in the day she had to have a new PIC line put in. The PIC line was put in through her foot/leg and will provide an access point for medications, nutrients, etc. Hope appeared to take her newly placed PIC in stride.

As part of Hope's growing process she has begun to "fill" out. Her tiny little ladybug butt now has cheeks, as opposed to flatness. Very tiny little buttcheeks, cute ones at that.

Hope also was VERY excited today because Aunt Em and Nanabug (Grandma Robinson) came back to visit. They spent just a few minutes with her when they got in tonight, but noticed how much she has grown. Apparently Aunt Em has yet to learn complete social graces as it apparently is inappropriate to tell a newborn baby how fat they are. But seriously, I meant it in a good way!!! Anyways... Hope got over it, after many minutes of therapy and apologies, and then Hope and Aunt Em had some good time together. Aunt Em began to tell Hope all about her adventures, beginning with Mexico. Hope didn't really care about Mexico, but is already looking forward to hearing all about the Inauguration during story time tomorrow.

Due to a recent request, a few tidbits of information regarding Hope's Mommy (as provided by Hope's Daddy):
1) She was born a preemie too
2) She was in the NICU too
3) She is not "fat"
4) She is still adorable


  1. Hope,

    You are such a beutiful little girl and have such a great fan base. Grandpa Holtz has your pictures hung all over his office and we all vote on which hat we like best. So far we love the lady bug! We look forward to your blog everyday and pray for your continual improvement. What a blessing you are.


  2. Hi Viv!
    Glad your "cheek portion" is taking on a more mature look!
    Keep up the good work!