Sunday, January 25, 2009

Daily Hope: Sunday, January 25

Hope & her Mommy

Hope: 7 weeks

Hope's hand!!

Who wants to hold Aunt Em's hand?? "I do!!!" says Hope.

Hope & Aunt Em!!!

Hope: 7 weeks!

Hope & her Pacifier

Hope & Grandpa Robinson: look how much she's grown!!

Another good day today for Hope!! She is 7 weeks old today! So hard to believe that it has been 7 weeks already!!!

Hope spent a few hours this afternoon snuggling with her Daddy, which she loved, but had to cut it a little short so the nurses could take care of business in the NICU. Hope also got to hold Aunt Em's hand for the first time today!!! At first Hope was a little less than impressed, but eventually Aunt Em had to pry Hope's hand off of her finger, but only because Aunt Em HAD to drive back to Chicago.

Hope continued with her feedings today and handled those well. Tomorrow could potentially be a big day. Hope may be extubated, but we just have to wait and see. It isn't really our timing that we are going on, but Hope's. She does keep trying to pull her tubes out, but we'll see if she is really ready. Being a baby is very hard work, remembering to breathe, digest, breathe, sleep, breathe. Lots of hard work. At least being cute comes especially easy for Hope!

While the position isn't EXACT, you can see from the last picture that was posted above and compare it with the one below, you can really see just how much Hope has grown and just how well she is doing. And also you can see that now her little tiny diapers actually fit!!!!

Hope: 3 days old

Hope: 49 days old


  1. Oh man, she has grown a TON! I love that comparison. Is that fuzzy hair all over her head, blonde? It's precious!!! I still want more details about Sarah in the NICU, but I know I can ask you some other day. :)

  2. My favorite picture by far is the one you posted of Hope holding mommy's finger. Absolutely precious!! You can really see the difference from day three to 7 weeks. It's truly amazing! Thank you for keeping us updated Emily & mommy.
    Yeah, I'm with Tena....what are the details of Sarah in the NICU?

    Jenny Carlson

  3. She is so precious. May you each feel God's blessing and strength each day.

    Carol Z.