Thursday, January 29, 2009

Daily Hope: Thursday, January 29

Hope: day 53; with her pacifier

Hope: day 53; just chilling

Hope: day 53; BEAUTIFUL!!!

Hope is loving being a Ninja with her CPAP mask. She is definitely enjoying the freedom of breathing on her own. Her oxygen levels are down to 28%, which is even less than she was at yesterday!!

Since Hope was doing so well breathing, her feeds were increased to 17 ml per feeding and she is gobbling it all up, so hopefully she'll be gaining weight more rapidly. She weighed in today at 1140 grams, 10 grams more than yesterday. Yesterday she was weighed with her CPAP on but today she was weighed without it so she probably did gain more weight today than just 10 grams. Hope doesn't know it but she is competing in "The Biggest Fatty" competition, against herself. So her goal weight for tomorrow is 1175. We'll see if she can make her goal weight and stay in the game.

Hope got to snuggle with Daddy today. AND.... Mommy & Daddy got to hear Hope cry for the first time when she was out snuggling. They said it was a tiny little cry but was music to their ears!

Hope is looking so beautiful without any tubes or anything and just her beautiful face with her big eyes wide open for the whole world to see!!


  1. It is so good to see her face!! She is beautiful.

    We love you all!

    Jesse Mae and family.

  2. The full-view face is so beautiful and precious!
    Isn't it amazing that a crying baby is really GREAT news??? It's so wonderful to keep knowing she is progressing.
    Glad to hear that Vivian Sr. is doing better, too.
    We'll keep the prayers going here. Love, Great Uncle Tom and Aunt Sue.

  3. How wonderful it is to know the importance of life PLUS knowing there are so many of us lifting Hope and family up in prayer. May God keep us all safe in the hollow of His hand.