Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daily Hope: Wednesday, Jan 7

Hope: 1 month old

Hope: 1 month old

Hope had a good and stable day today. Hope was born a month ago!! It is so crazy to think about where we were a month ago and how Hope has changed our lives in such a short time.

Hope took her feedings very well and so now they have added calories to her feedings to help her "beef" up, aka "gain weight". She stayed stable after her added sustenance, so that's good.

You can see Hope is still sporting that ADORABLE ladybug hat, just can't get enough of that!! So again, we must thank Peggy.

Things were pretty quiet for Hope today, which I'm sure is in preparation for all the fun that Aunt Em is bringing tomorrow. Yes, in just over 12 hours Aunt Em will be arriving and I have so many things to share with Hope, it's been a busy few weeks. Hope needs to know whats going on in the world!!!!

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