Saturday, January 31, 2009

Daily Dose: Saturday, January 31

Hope: day 55

And the "Biggest Fatty" award goes to Hope today!! She gained 10 grams so she is now up to 1150 grams. Hope's feedings have now been fortified up to 27 calories/ounce, so we expect fat results from Hope!!! But, as we have learned, Hope will do things as she pleases at her own rate. So we will just wait and see what that entails.

Today was Daddy's day to snuggle with Hope and he had a very good time. Which included hearing Hope cry some more and hearing her have the hiccups. Who knew that such a little girl good have such loud hiccups?? G'ma R got to take Hope's temperature today and change her diaper. I don't think any grandma has ever been more excited to change a diaper, but hey, it's the little things in life that count.

Today Hope sends a big THANK YOU to Cindy Hutchison's sister, for making the beautiful booty seen on her left foot in the picture above. Hope only has one on right now because her other foot, as you can see, is taken up with some sort of a monitor. But... Cindy's sister made her a full set of matching booties and a matching hat AND another set of booties, matching hat and a beautiful blanket. Thank you so much for your genorosity and thoughtfulness. Hope definitely appreciates having a warm foot, hopefully she'll have 2 warm feet soon!! The Hope Collection is really starting to bloom, just in time for the upcoming spring fashion season.

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