Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Daily Hope: Tuesday January 13

Hope's Beautiful Face!
Hope exerted her independence this morning when she decided she was done with the ventilator and pulled out her breathing tubes. The nurses humored her and since she was doing so well they put her on a CPAP machine. She tolerated this transition for a couple of hours but then she realized that she missed the ventilator so the nurses put her back on the conventional ventilator. The nurses think Hope should not try to pull her tube out again for at least a week or so because she needs to stay on the ventilator a little while more.
Hope is still tolerating her full feedings very well. Hopefully this will help her continue to gain weight.
Hope had a follow-up cranial ultrasound today. Mommy and Daddy were very nervous as they waited for the results but they turned out to be good. The scan showed no increased swelling in Hope's brain ventricles and no increased PVL (brain damage). While everyone had hoped that the swelling would decrease some, we are all very pleased to hear that there was no increase in the swelling or the PVL. The doctors will do another scan next week and Hope asks everyone to pray that the results will be even better!
As you can see during the excitement of the morning we were able to get a photo of Hope's beautiful face without all of the tape and the tubes. Hope thanks Ariana, one of the nice nurses that takes care of her, for helping out during the quick photo shoot!


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  2. She's beautiful! Those eyes are taking everything in and wondering why she's getting so much attention from everyone. Let her know we all think she's amazing. Take care of yourselves. Michele

  3. She is just beautiful and I can't believe how much strength she is.

  4. Hello beautiful girl. I didn't like my first comment because it could have been read wrong, so I'm editing to say I was SO EXCITED to see you so up close and personal!!! You are so strong and so brave, we love you!!!!!!