Monday, January 12, 2009

Daily Hope: Monday January 12

Hope: Day 36

For those of you who have waited anxiously for an update, Emily apologizes. Her trip to Indianapolis proved not to be the tropical destination she had hoped for so after making sure that Hope got some bedtime stories from Christmas Bear and Kwanzaa Zebra, she boarded a plane and skipped the country. Emily envied the warm and humid atmosphere of Hope's isolette and so she has decided to spend a few days in sunny Mexico. She has promised Hope that she will bring back lots of new stories about the beach, sun bathing and cute cabana boys. So the blog is being written by a ghost writer (Hope's Mommy) in her absence.

Hope has had a great couple of days. Her nurse weighed her today and she has gained weight! She now weighs 900 grams - a whopping 1 pound 15 ounces!! They have also taken her off of the jet ventilator and moved her onto a conventional ventilator. This is less support for her and means she is getting stronger.

Hope is now getting all of her nutrition from her feedings, no more IV nutrition. She is tolerating her feedings well, which will help her continue to gain weight. All in all, everything is looking really great for Hope and she's making wonderful forward progress.

As you can see, Hope is sporting a new hat today. It's hard to see in the picture but this hat has a cute red flower on the top of it. She thanks Peggy, her wonderful, thoughtful respiratory therapist for this beautiful new accessory!

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  1. I like Peggy. She feels like family. Glad she's doing so well! We're ALL (except for me, yay!) down with the tummy bug, so we've been sporadic in checking happy things have been trucking along!