Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daily Dose: Wednesday, May 6

Hope was feeling pretty good for most of the day and remained awake and alert for the entire day! Mommy, Daddy & Grandpa & Grandma R took an infant CPR class. The good news is they all passed with flying colors!!!!

Mommy & Daddy met with Hope's developmental pediatrician this afternoon. She was very pleased with the progress Hope has been making. Hope was able to focus on objects and track them with her eyes. Hope also sat up and did very well with her head control. Hope was showing off and even turned to look at the doctor when she spoke to her, which made the doctor pretty confident that Hope could hear her. Mommy & Daddy discussed that Hope had been referred for further hearing testing so the doctor dug a little deeper to find out details. Turns out the hearing test that Hope "failed" was just that she didn't respond to sounds at 35 decibels. The doctor was pretty sure that given all the ambient noise in the room, 35 decibels is very quiet and not surprising that Hope had trouble. Hopefully Hope will do well with her follow up test with the audiologist after she is released.

One thing that Hope needs to work on is getting the social smiling down. Hope was also showing a little tightness in some of her muscles but the doctor showed Mommy & Daddy some things to do to help Hope relax. After 5 minutes of doing those things, Hope was completely relaxed and content so Mommy & Daddy have to make sure they do those things every day to Hope help stay relaxed and loose.

The BIG news for today is that Hope weighed in at 7 pounds 1 ounce today!!! Yes, SEVEN pounds. That is HUMONGOUS compared to when she was born. Way to go Hope!!

Here is a little video of Hope looking around

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  1. Oh I want to meet her SO bad!!! What a dolly face!!!!