Monday, May 4, 2009

Daily Dose: Monday, May 4

Hope had a good day today. Her ventilator rate was lowered and her pressure support was increased. In layman's terms: Hope is breathing more on her own but the ventilator is helping her to take deep breaths when she breathes. She had a chest x-ray today and it looked much better.

The doctors did Hope's first trach change today. The dressings from her surgery were getting a bit smelly. Hope is becoming quite the picky girl, so she wanted those stinky dressings GONE! Hope tolerated the change well. Mommy & Daddy will soon be learning how to do the change themselves. They have to take 2 classes and successfully change the trach 3 times each before they'll let Hope go home. Aunt Em has suggested that they take the class and do all the trial runs this week so Hope can come home, but apparently there is more to it than that.

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