Friday, May 8, 2009

Daily Dose: Friday, May 8

Hope was not a happy camper today. She started off the day with a temp, spiking at 103! Her nurse unbundled her and took off her warm clothes, then gave her a nice wipe down with a cool cloth. Within an hour she had cooled back down to around 97. The doctors were worried she might have another infection, but a blood work up showed nothing out of the ordinary. It is possible she just got overheated. Since she didn't have any other temperature spikes the rest of the day it is evident that Hope will need to learn from Aunt Em how to soak up the sun without overheating (aka Aunt Em & Hope go on vacation and Aunt Em shows Hope the ropes of the beach).

Hope had a chest xray this morning and that looked clearer than it has in quite some time. Since it was so clear they were able to notice somethings that were different. her diaphragm is higher on the right than it should be. They weren't sure if this was due to pulled muscles or nerves, internal organs pushing up on it, or if there was something wrong with her diaphragm. They ordered some extra imaging to see if her diaphragm was moving normally. The imaging showed that her diaphragm is functioning normally, which is great, so at this point no one is too concerned about it causing problems. It might be due to muscle weakness and may correct over time, or it might just be the way Hope will always be, perfect in her own way =)

Grandpa & Grandma R were able to see Hope again today because the hospital was reopened, finally. They both took advantage of this with some good snuggling.

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