Saturday, May 30, 2009

Daily Dose, Saturday May 30

Hope spent most of the day today awake and alert. She spent a lot of time sitting in daddy and mommy's laps and looking all around checking things out. She is still very intrigued by her balloon friend and she played with him for a while today.

In order to rule out that Hope's episodes are caused by seizure activity the doctors have ordered another EEG for Tuesday. Hope had an EEG done back in April but it was only over a short duration (15 or 20 minutes) and since Hope slept sound through it the doctors did not see anything suspicious. This time she will likely have a longer EEG test run (up to 24 hours long) in order to catch a larger time period and hopefully see what happens when she has an event.

Hope's blood gas was good this morning but not stellar so they decided not to make any changes to the ventilator settings today. If her gas is good tomorrow they will consider weaning tomorrow.

As you probably all know from reading lately Hope has been growing by leaps and bounds. Today was a big day for her - she broke through the NINE POUND mark!! As if it were even possible for any of us to forget.... Hope was born at 1 pound 8 ounces. She is now over 6 times what her birth weight was!!!

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