Sunday, May 24, 2009

Daily Dose, Sunday May 24


Hope was very happy to see daddy again after 4 days of missing him. He cuddled with her for a couple of hours, and he told her all about his time in Boston. Daddy brought Hope a book about Wally, the Green Monster, and his travels through Red Sox Nation.

Hope also cuddled with mommy, grandpa R and spent some more time hanging out in her swing. She had fewer episodes last night and today. Hopefully these will continue to diminish in frequency and severity.

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  1. Hey there, baby girl....just wanted to tell you that you are looking good! Loved the video of you taking in the world from your swing. It is so good to see you up and experiencing everyday ordinary baby things like all the other 8 pounders. You've come a long way and soon, you'll go even farther ... to Grant even!
    Still in our prayers....
    The Weidens