Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daily Dose, Tuesday May 19

Hope spent a little while chillin' on her tummy last night before she got agitated again. She couldn't get comfortable no matter what was tried. Finally this morning her nurse gave her a dose of valium to try to get her to relax and rest today. This made Hope VERY happy for a couple of hours.

Her cultures still have not grown anything and so the new suspicion is that perhaps she caught something viral and not bacterial. She seems to be feeling a bit better day by day and now is just agitated that she is not feeling all the way better yet.

Hope has reached another weight milestone. She weighed in at 3640 grams today which is just over ..... 8 POUNDS!!!

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  1. Yay Hope! 8 Pounds, that's amazing! Keep up the great work!! Hope the tush feels better! :)