Friday, May 22, 2009

Daily Dose, Friday May 22

Hope had a very good day today. She was much more comfortable over night and had fewer episodes throughout the day today. The doctors are happy with this and don't plan to make any changes to her support over the weekend. Hopefully she will have a couple of restful days and then we can look at weaning her down next week.

The only rough part of Hope's day was that her bottom is very sore. We aren't sure if it caused by the cream they are using to treat it or if she is reacting to all of the antibiotics she is on this week but her bottom was very red and sore today. In an attempt to treat it Hope got a mini spa treatment. She lounged around without her diaper on and had oxygen applied directly to her sore bum. Hope likes this treatment and thinks she will have to continue with spa treatments once she leaves the hospital.

Once again Hope had a great weight gain. She was up to 3,810 grams - 8 lbs 6 ounces!

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