Saturday, May 16, 2009

Daily Dose: Saturday, May 16

Hope had an uncomfortable day today. This morning she was feeling good and snuggled with Grandma & Grandpa R, but then she got a little agitated. After a bit Hope's nurse checked her temperature and realized Hope was running a fever. So the drill started with time and tylenol and eventually Hope's temperature came back down to normal, but the doctors had still ordered the usual "fever" workup: cbc, blood cultures and urine cultures.

Hope's CBC came back this afternoon showing elevated level of white blood cells which is a good indication of infection. These results combined with Hope's earlier temperature spike caused the doctors to start an IV in her arm and put her on numerous antibiotics. If Hope's cultures return growth over the next few days they will narrow the antibiotics down to the ones that target her suspected bug. In the meantime, Hope just doesn't seem to be feeling very good. She is restless and exhausted. Hopefully she will get a good night's rest and feel better tomorrow morning.

Hope had a special visitor today: Bernadine Johnson. Rumor has it that Mrs. Johnson tried to put Hope in her purse to take her back to Fremont with her, but when Hope wouldn't fit, instead she decided to give her some beginning piano lessons, starting with hand positioning.

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