Monday, May 18, 2009

Daily Dose: Monday, May 18

Hope chilling on her boppy

Finally a position that is comfortable

Hope had a little bit of a rough evening tonight. She was very very uncomfortable. Hope has a pretty bad diaper rash which makes it very uncomfortable for her to lay on her back. The hard part is with her trach, she can't really lay on her stomach. Aunt Em tried to console Hope today and snuggle with her, but Hope wasn't exactly in the mood. I think that was partially because Aunt Em didn't bring Hope any gifts as she had promised, so she wasn't very happy about that.

Mommy finally found a position that made Hope more comfortable. As you can see from the last two pictures above, Hope did not want anything to do with clothing or a diaper. She also was much happier laying on her stomach. Mommy held Hope's head up for a while, then we figured out how to position her head she could rest of a pillow. Hope's night nurse, Beth, suggested putting an oxygen mask near Hope's bottom, where the rash was so bad, to air it out. Hope DEFINITELY liked this. It looked quite silly, but she was happy, so we went with it.

A follow up from yesterday: Hope's RSV test came back negative, not very surprising, which is great.

*Editorial note: Aunt Em (that's me) is going to be off blog duty for about 4 weeks while I do some studying in Europe. Hope's Mommy has promised to keep up the blog while I'm away, however, I will be checking in on things and making sure that everyone is being kept up to date with all of Hope's happenings. Hopefully I don't get written out of a job!

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