Saturday, March 7, 2009

Daily Hope, Saturday March 7


Today was Hope's three month birthday. To celebrate, Hope got dressed up and cuddled with Mommy. It is amazing to see how much she has grown and changed in the past few weeks.

Hope now is big enough to be held as frequently as she wants to , and she can be held swaddled in a blanket "the normal way". As much as Mommy and Daddy liked kangaroo'ing, it is really nice to be able to watch Hope while holding her. She makes the cutest faces...

Hope had a big first today: she made her first attempt at "non-nutritive feeding". Basically, this is breast feeding after Mommy has pumped and is empty so that Hope doesn't have to worry about swallowing. Although Both Hope and Mommy were a little nervous the first time, it went really well and they will probably try again tomorrow.

Hope gained a little bit of weight today as well - she is now at 1770 grams, up 20 grams from yesterday. The doctors seemed pleased with her growth, and they are beginning to talk about her reconnective surgery as if it might not be a long time away.

Hope had visitors today - Mark, Jennifer, and Caleb Byland came down from Fremont to see Indianapolis this weekend, and Jennifer was able to stop in and see Hope for a few minutes this morning. It was very sweet of the Bylands to stop by and visit Hope and her family.

Hope didn't get much time to see Mommy and Daddy today because her module was shut down from 1:00pm because a new baby was admitted. Hopefully the new baby is feeling better and Hope can see Mommy and Daddy all day tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Hope, Andrew, and Sarah: It's so good to hear that Hope is feeling better and is no longer on the ventilator. And now that Mommy and Daddy can hold her in the "normal" way, that must be a wonderful feeling! She looks great and we are praying the good days continue.

    It was great to see Grandma and Grandpa R. last night at my retirement party! They are so proud of you Hope. You are a lucky little girl to have such a warm, loving, supportive family. (Yes, that includes Auntie Em too!)

    Love and prayers to all,
    Carol Z.