Thursday, March 19, 2009

Daily Dose, Thursday March 19

Hope had a very good day today. She didn't have any major respiratory or heart rate drops today.

As for her weight....*drumroll please*...... 2020 grams!! She has reached her minimum weight goal for her surgery!! At 4lbs 7oz Hope is now big enough for the surgeons to be comfortable doing her surgery. They stopped by to see Hope today and think they will do the surgery either next Monday or next Friday (they say it's going to be a busy week for them and they'll have to see when it will best fit in).

Hope was excited to see Grandma Holtz today (Grandma Holtz was pretty excited to see Hope today too). Grandpa Holtz will be coming to visit first thing in the morning and Hope is resting up tonight for a big day of cuddling tomorrow!


  1. At goal weight!! Congratulations Hope! That's better than 3 times her birth weight and she sure looks good! Am so glad things have calmed down medically for her. Will be in prayer for her upcoming surgery.
    The Weidens

  2. Hitting a weight goal is so important!!! What great progress!! We are praying for you guys!! Keep us posted. I love seeing how well Hope is doing. I still can not wait for her and Ethin to both be out of the hospitals so that we can get the two of them together. Love ya guys and sending prayers for Monday, Jessica, the J Triplets, and of course my Punk Ethin