Friday, March 6, 2009

Daily Dose, Friday March 6

Hope's Beautiful Face

Hope Modeling Her First Outfit

Your eyes do not deceive you! That's really Hope!

Hope decided that she was fed up with the ventilator tube today. She was trying to be a good girl but in her own "special" way she was telling the doctors and nurses that if they didn't get the tube out of her mouth she was going to have to take it out herself. So the doctors took Hope off of the ventilator today. Normally babies are put on the cpap as the next step down from the ventilator but Peggy thought that Hope didn't need to mess with that step and so they put her straight onto vapotherm. This is just a nasal cannula that provides a little bit of pressure support with heated and humidified air. So far she is doing very well with it, and it allows her a lot more freedom of movement.

Since she was feeling so much better and seems to be completely over her infection, Hope wanted to give everyone a little bit more of a fashion show. As you can see in the picture Hope tried on her first clothes today. She got a nice bath, put on some comfy clothes and then curled up in mommy's arms for a nice long nap. Both mommy and Hope were very relaxed and very happy.


  1. Hope is looking so big and is so beautiful! Glad she is doing better. Keep up the good work, Hope!! -Kristina Brackett-

  2. Grandma and Grandpa loves the clcothes. What a fashion plate she is.... Tell Peggy we said thank you and keep up the great progress. Can't wait to see you all again. Love you

  3. I am glad to read that she is doing so great. She is getting so big! How adorable.

  4. You don't know us but we happened upon your blog when converting grams to ounces in order to see how much our preemie weighed! My wife and I had a 24-weeker in January, so stumbling upon your blog feels like looking in the mirror! It's great to see your little girl is doing well and we hope God continues to strengthen her!!!

    By the way, we love the Blogger template you chose. We have the same one for our little girl! Ha. - Sean