Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daily Dose: Thursday, March 5

Hope: day 88

Hope had another good day. Her ventilator rate (breaths per minute) were lowered in hopes of "sneaking" her off of it in the next few days. They started her on small breastmilk feeds again but stopped after the first one because she wasn't sure she was ready to eat again. But....

Hope continued to gain weight!!! She is not up to 1760 grams (3 pounds 14 ounces)!!!! She is really taking the Biggest Fatty competition seriously. So glad she is competitive!!!

Both Hope and Daddy were feeling better today so they snuggled for quite a while. They were both VERY happy to spend time together.

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  1. Hope is getting so big. It is great to read the updates. She is such a fighter and is so precious.