Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Daily Dose: Tuesday, March 10

Hope: day 93

LOOK AT THAT SMILE!!! Isn't she beautiful?!?!

Hope had an overall very good day today. She had a minor bump being that she had some more yellow residuals last night and had high ostomy output, so they stopped her breastmilk feeds. They will wait a day or two then try again.

Hope had a follow up eye exam today and her ROP has improved. Everyone is very pleased with this and they are going to follow up in 2 weeks.

Hope's surgeons and the infectious disease department got together today to discuss Hope's situation. They are thinking that there may be a tiny part of her intestines that are permitting bacteria to pass over to her blood, causing her frequent blood infections. The surgeons think they can easily correct this when they go in for her reconnection surgery, so.... they have decided that they are going to let her current antibiotics take their course (either 6 or 13 days more) and then do her big surgery immediately after. Now, just like every other day, we need the prayers to keep coming because Hope most likely has a really big week ahead of her.

As you can see, Hope is sporting a new selection from the Hope Collection. Everything she wears looks beautiful and it seems as though she likes this ensemble because she is beaming!!

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