Monday, March 16, 2009

Daily Dose, Monday March 16

Hope did much better with her breathing today. She is still on the vapotherm and that seems to have helped her. She had a couple of VERY brief drops in her heart rate today but she quickly pulled herself back up before the nurses could even get over to her bed.

She had quite an adventure today. She took a ride in her travel isolette down to the radiology department in order to have a lower GI. The surgeons wanted to take a look at the part of her intestines that are "below" her ostomy so they could make sure there weren't any obvious problems with them before they do her reconnection surgery. Hope was a very brave, very strong girl throughout the entire procedure and did very well with it. The great news is, there didn't appear to be any problems with that section of her intestines.

Hope lost a little bit of weight today (but who wouldn't after an enema like that!?) She is down to 1910 grams, so not a large loss. Hopefully tomorrow she will be back on track with weight gain.


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  2. You all continue to be in our prayers. I can't help but to thank God for the great doctors and nurses you have. They really seem to be on top of things.
    I have to say, the "family" pic is great! I'm sure Aunt Emily can't help but to be a bit jealous though :) [she'll get her turn]
    Also, I wanted to share that my 20 month old (Tanner) LOVES to look at baby Hope's pictures. When I ask if he wants to see the baby he runs right to the computer. I like to sit and watch him look at her. He has a huge smile and say's "baby" (well it's not real clear but I know that's what he is saying). He even gave her a kiss last night and waved bye, bye when we were done. SO CUTE!
    All our prayers, The Carlson's

  3. Hope, what are they doing to you! You be sure to tell those silly doctors that it's not nice to give babies enemas! Goodness gracious!

    But, kidding aside, Hope, it's good to hear that there aren't any other areas in your intestine that need attention. Keep up the good work!

    Love and prayers to all of you,
    Carol Z.